Fine works on paper have traditionally been set within elegant borders of ruled lines and other decorative accents as an integrative framing device.

Conservation framing and what is now called “French matting” evolved together, the intricate lines heightening the visual impact of a well-protected work of art.

Such attention to the overall ecology of the hanging work, featuring the painstaking, hand-crafted accents of French matting, is rarely seen outside of museum collections, upscale auction houses, and the finest galleries.

The sensitively color-matched lines and textured bands of the French matting technique bring a high level of visual sophistication to the presentation of many kinds of work today, including contemporary art, photography, heirloom items, and personal treasures.

Chrysalis Studio now offers this very specialized service at per-element prices, (see chart) giving collectors, artists, interior designers, and others the ability to display artwork in world-class style.

Each French mat from Chrysalis Studio is a customized design by artist Frances Smokowski.

Exceptional painted mats that will enhance the aesthetics and value of nearly any piece are assured by Ms. Smokowski’s extensive experience in premier art museums, fine galleries, and high-end frame shops.

To ensure optimal integration of all elements, Ms. Smokowski will coordinate French mat services with the customer’s preferred frame shop. For clients who do not have a framer, suitable referrals within New York City are gladly provided.

Mats for French detailing may be shipped to Chrysalis Studio via FedEx.

Your prepaid shipping label expedites a prompt return of completed mats in the same packaging as received.

Video consultation can be contracted directly with Ms. Smokowski. To schedule a consultation, secure a free estimate, request samples or to place your order, please call 212-569-1719

For a PDF of our detailed French Matting Flyer, click here.


Hand Painted French Matting Detail - Frances Smokowski  Hand Painted French Matting Detail - Frances Smokowski  Hand Painted French Matting Detail - Frances Smokowski  Hand Painted French Matting Detail - Frances Smokowski  Hand Painted French Matting Detail - Frances Smokowski  Hand Painted French Matting Detail - Frances Smokowski
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